Savlon Twinkle Baby Diaper All Size | Twinkle Baby Diaper price in Bangladesh

৳ 950

  • Brand: Savlon Twinkle Baby Diaper
  • Origin: Bangladesh
  • Size: Select a size from bellow size option
  • Small: Up to 8kg – 44pcs per pack
  • Medium: 6 to 11 – 40pcs per pack
  • Large: 7 to 18 – 36pcs per pack
  • XL: 11 to 25kg – 32pcs per pack
  • XXL: 15 to 30kg – 24pcs per pack

Savlon Twinkle Baby Diaper

Savlon Twinkle Baby Diaper is as tender and soft as mother’s touch and as cautious and vigilant as mother’s instincts. It relieves mother’s tension by ensuring zero leakage and its wetness indicator tells her when diaper needs to be changed.

To relieve the tension of mother in nurturing her beloved child, from the house of ACI, comes a companion for mother: Savlon Twinkle. Its baby diaper products began its journey in 2017. The softness of the diaper provides maximum comfort to the babies.

This is the  price List of all Savlon Twinkle Baby Diaper in Bangladesh for all size

Name of Baby Diaper

Size Quantity Price

Savlon Twinkle Diaper belt up to 8 kg

S (Small)

44 950

Savlon Twinkle Diaper Belt 6-11 kg

M (Medium)



Savlon Twinkle Diaper 7-18 kg

L (Large)



Savlon Twinkle Diaper Belt 11-25 kg

XL (Ex. Large)



Savlon Twinkle Diaper Belt 15-30 kg XXL (Ex. Ex. Large) 24



a baby playing with his mother wearing Savlon Twinkle baby diaper
Twinkle Baby Diaper for proper care of your baby

Some Reason to buy Savlon Twinkle Baby Diaper:

  • 1 Night protection: It ensures full night sound sleep your baby
  • Softness: This Twinkle baby diaper is soft enough for maximum comfort of your baby
  •  Elastic Ears: This diaper have elastic ears to ensure the best fit and comfort
  • Air Flows: It allows the flow of air, so your baby always stays dry
  • Zero leakage: Leg cuffs and high absorption, ensuring zero leakage
  • Wetness Indicator: Special wetness indicator tells mom’s when a diaper needs to be changed

Savlon Twinkle Baby Diaper care about the comfort of your infant. So this Diapers have now become an important part of every newborn and their family’s life.

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