Funny Talking Tom Cat Toy for kids

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  • Highlight Height: 22 cm
  • Repeats what you say with his funny voice
  • Makes cat sound when touched.
  • Eyes lit when it speaks
  • Remarks:-For children 3+ ages
  • Requires 3 units of AA battery
  • Ability & Skills:Tactile
  • Ability Hearing
  • Functions:-Touch-Sing-Telling jokes-Imitate speech

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Play time just got real with this Talking Tom Cat Toy. It will make a perfect play buddy for your child at any time and at any place. The toy features a unique talk back device which gives you back your words exactly as you have said it. It also sings different funny songs and makes funny sounds when you touch different parts of its body. Imagine how ecstatic a child will be to have this talking tom cat toy!

Talking tom cat toy in bd

Talking Tom Cat Toy Poke, tickle or play with Talking Tom. Talking Tom Superstar toy will scream, laugh or comment back. Talking Tom repeats everything you say with a funny voice. Amazing fun even without a smart phone.Touch the head, he screamed feel hurt, dizzy.Touch right ear, play baby children songs.Touch the hands, screams.Touch the stomach, feel like tickled, he will smile happily.Touch left and right foot, trod toes, he screams “Ouch. OW!”Touch his backside, he will fart with 2 sorts of funny sound.You speak whatever he will repeat. No matter what the language is.

Special Features of Talking Tom Cat toy: 

  • Remarks:-For children 3+ ages
  • With user manual
  • Requires 3 units of AA battery
  • Ability & Skills:Tactile
  • Hearing Ability  100%
  • Ability Language Skills
  • Functions:-Touch-Sing-Telling jokes-Imitate speech


Touching Points & Reactions:

  • Head (React with 16 types of responses with 4 good habits)
  • Right Ear (Tell 10 types of story)-Left Ear (sing 18 different song)
  • Face Area (Produce 3 different and funny sounds)
  • Belly (Produce 2 different and funny sounds)
  • Foot (Produce 2 different and funny sounds)
  • Tail (Produce 2 different and funny sounds)


Voice Recording:

The Talking Tom Cat comes with a voice recording feature which can be used to record and playback.

Purrs When Petted:

Your little child can pet this little cat and watch him purring with joy.

Develop Communication Skills:

By communicating and playing with this Talking Tom Cat toy, your child’s communication skills are developed.

Touch Functions:

This little Tom Cat responds to your child’s touch by making funny sounds.

Flapping Sounds:

Your little child can have loads of fun by playing with this Talking Tom Cat which makes flapping sounds Package Content 1 x Talking Tom Cat toy.

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