Beurer BY80 Baby Weight Machine | Digital Baby Weighing Scale with Large LCD Screen

৳ 5,500

Weighing a  baby is now child’s play – the weight can be recorded correctly even when the baby is moving thanks to the Beurer BY80 baby weight scale with automatic and manual hold function.

  • Automatic and manual hold function for recording the weight of wriggling babies
  • Large LCD display (digit height 23 mm)
  • Curved weighing surface
  • Hold function
  • Switch-on technology: Button-on
  • Easy to clean
  • Non-slip, abrasion-resistant rubber feet
  • Automatic switch-off

Beurer BY 80 baby scale Weighing made easy

Special Features of Beurer BY80 Baby and Pet Weight Scale

  • COMFORT OF YOUR OWN HOME: The BY80 baby and pet weight scale is much like those you will see at your local clinic and are safe and easy for you to use at home
  • HOLD FUNCTION: Automatic and manual function captures a reading the moment your baby is still for accurate measuring
  • CONCAVED SURFACE: The weighing surface is ergonomically shpaed so your baby lies comfortably and feels secure
  • EASY-TO-READ SCREEN: The large LCD display (75 x 30 mm) is easy to read and displays the measurement in kg, lb or oz with a digit height of 23 mm
  • TARE FUNCTION: With this practical function your baby can be weighed on their favourite blanket without affecting the accuracy of the measurement

Baby and Pet Weight Scale

Monitor Your Baby’s Growth We know how important a baby’s weight gain is, and how equally important it is to monitor. Which is why we’ve designed the Beurer BY80 Digital Baby and Pet Weight Scale – so that parents can have ease of mind and can monitor and track their baby’s growth and development at home.

We’ve designed this scale to be comfortable for both the parent and the baby – featuring an easy to read, large LCD display and a curved weighing platform. With the tare function, you can achieve accurate and precise measurements while even putting a towel or the baby’s favorite blanket or toy on the scale to make it even more comfortable and have less fuss.

The scale has a weight capacity of 44 lbs and measures in 0.2 oz increments, for maximum accuracy. Did You Know? A baby usually loses between 5% to 7% of its birth weight within the first few days after birth. This weight is usually regained after two weeks from birth and from that point on it should steadily and rapidly increase. Great for Pets, the Beurer Digital Baby Scale is also great for weighing pets!

The versatile scale could be used to help you record your furry friend’s weight if you are recording their growth as puppies / kittens or managing their weight.


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