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Baby Diaper Price in Bangladesh

If you want to know the latest baby diaper price in Bangladesh for your favorite brand please see the list bellow:

Huggies diapers price in Bangladesh

Types of Diaper Size & Quantity Price
Huggies Diaper Dry Pants New born 0-5 kg / 64 Pcs 1399
Huggies Diaper Dry Pants Small  4-8 kg / 70 Pcs 1399
Huggies Diaper Dry Pants Medium 6-12 kg l 64 Pcs 1399

Pampers Diaper Price in Bangladesh

Types of Diaper Size & Quantity Price
Pampers Baby Dry Pants  Small 58 pcs (4-8 kg) 1299
Pampers Baby Dry Pants Medium  7-12 kg / 64 Pcs 1299
Pampers Baby Dry Pants Large 9-14 kg l 48 Pcs 1299
Pampers Baby Dry Pants XL 11-18 kg l 38 Pcs 1500

Smile baby diaper price in Bangladesh

Name of Baby Diaper Size Quantity Price
SMC Smile Diaper Belt 3-6 kg S (Small) 28 Pcs Tk. 620/-
SMC Smile Diaper Belt 4-9 kg M (Medium) 26 Pcs Tk. 620/-
 SMC Smile Diaper Belt 8-14 kg L (Large) 24 Pcs Tk. 620/-
SMC Smile Diaper Belt 11-18 kg XL (Ex. Large) 22 Pcs Tk. 620/-
SMC Smile Diaper Belt 16 kg + XXL (Ex. Ex. Large) 20 Pcs Tk. 620/-

Supermom baby diaper price in Bangladesh

Size Quantity Price
S (Small) New Born to 8 kg 28 Pcs Tk. 750/-
M (Medium) 6-11 kg 26 Pcs Tk. 750/-
L (Large) 9-14 kg 22 Pcs Tk. 750/-
XL (EX. Large) 12-17 kg 20 Pcs Tk. 750/-

Diaper Buying Guides for Parents:

Don’t buy a lot of just one brand. All babies can react differently to different brands of diapers. Some brands cause rashes on babies. Some diaper bd brands may leak with your baby and not others. Buy small packs and try a few out before stock piling. Also, babies grow at different rates. You may find yourself growing out of newborn or size 1 diapers before you finish up the boxes you have.

Try multiple brands in

We definitely tried out a few when my son was born until we found the right one. I wouldn’t buy a lot in any brand until you figure out what works best. You will find all baby diaper in brand Bangladesh like, Pampers Baby Diaper, Bashundhara diaper , Neocare dipaer , huggies diapers, kidz diaper, smile baby diaper, love baby diaper, twinkle diaper, Supermom Diaper

How absorbent is it?

The number one job of any diaper is to keep wetness away from baby’s skin, to protect him from skin irritation, chafing and rashes. Disposable diapers tend to be more absorbent, but even with cloth diapers, you can prevent irritation by frequent changing and by using diapers made of absorbent cotton flannel.

How comfortable is it

Elastic around the legs helps prevent leaks, while also making the diaper more comfy for your little one. You can find stretchy legs in disposable styles, waterproof cloth diaper covers and all-in-one cloth styles.

Diaper Safety

When it comes to diapers, your only real safety concern is diaper rash. Prolonged exposure to wetness and to the natural acids in pee and poop can seriously irritate baby’s sensitive skin. Frequent diaper changes are the best way to prevent diaper rash.

Lotions or fragrances are safe, but not necessary

Some disposable diaper brands layer in aloe, lotion, or a mild fragrance. While these are considered safe, some babies (and parents) may be allergic or sensitive to these kinds of additives. If you find that your baby’s skin is sensitive you may want to look for diapers that are chlorine-free, fragrance-free and dye-free.

Consider your budget

For many parents, this is a big consideration. In the long run cloth diapers will save you the most money, even after factoring in extra costs such as waterproof covers, diaper fasteners, extra liners, additional sizes, and laundry. Some cloth diapering supplies can be re-used for later siblings, which helps drive down the cost even more.

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